What is FatPlate?

FatPlate is a visual aid for use with irons & wedges that encourages you to bring the strike-point closer to the ball, giving you that crucial ‘ball then turf’ descending strike. Whilst other practice aids focus upon many aspects of the golf swing, the FatPlate range has been developed with European tour players and highly specialised PGA teaching professionals to focus purely upon strike.

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FatPlate is helping tour pros, teaching pros and competitive amateurs worldwide to Practice Smarter™

A growing number of tour professionals are now using FatPlates as part of their tournament practice routines whilst PGA teaching professionals are using them as part of their daily lessons to ensure that competitive amateurs worldwide continue to Practice Smarter™.

We’re immensely proud that some of the world’s most respected coaches and elite golf centres have chosen to become part of our story.

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We’ll continue to add to the FatPlate family so please keep checking our social media feeds for updates.

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