• PuttPlate Start Line Gate Positions

* Ball & club for illustrative purposes only & not included.

PuttPlate with Mirror Insert

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  • Used in three Majors in 2019
  • Ball & club both sit on the putting surface, providing a truly realistic feel to your practice.
  • Work on impact, start line, back swing & thru-swing… or any combination of them all.
  • Comes with 24 page Assisted Learning Training Guide & Practice Record.
  • The Stub-Tees provided make PuttPlate also suitable for use on a putting mat or even at home on your carpet!

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What does PuttPlate do?

PuttPlate® allows you to work on the most important elements of the stroke through impact in the most natural way possible. And as both the ball and club sit on the putting surface, PuttPlate™ provides a truly realistic feel to your practice.

Through it’s ball slot, straight edge & markings, PuttPlate’s central strikebridge ensures correct positioning of the ball and club face alignment/positioning at setup. Perfect vertically centred contact on the face is also given by avoiding the strikebridge as the putter moves through impact

The tees can be positioned to allow for any type of stroke and the variety of drills means that you can work on just one specific aspect of your technique or really test yourself with all of it at the same time!

PuttPlate® is supplied with standard tee pegs for outdoor practice and also our own specially manufactured flat-bottomed stub-tees that allow you to practice at home on any surface!

Practice Smarter™

To quantify your practice and establish where the weaknesses (if you have any) in your putting stroke lie we provide a 24 page practice record free of charge with every PuttPlate™.

This record allows you to take a look back over 10 weeks or sessions to compare your scores to see how & where you’ve made improvements (and to establish areas that may need a little more work!).

Who is PuttPlate for?

PuttPlate™ is used by & is suitable for tour pros, teaching pros and recreational golfers of all abilitites.


  1. What are the miss tolerances of the start line tees?

PuttPlate’s start line gate positions offer a 3.7mm, 2.7mm or 1.7mm clearance (either side of the ball), giving an approximate start line accuracy of 1.0, 0.75 or 0.5 degrees.

  1. Will I be able to use my own tee pegs if I lose the ones supplied?

Yes! PuttPlate has been designed to be used with standard tee pegs when used outdoors on a putting green. And if you misplace the Stub-Tees that we also supply then you can purchase replacements from this website.

  1. Why should I buy a PuttPlate rather than other (manufacturers’) putting aids that are available?

Though there are other training aids that could potentially help improve your game, we believe that in allowing you to work on club face alignment/positioning at setup, impact, start line, back swing & thru-swing whilst having both the ball and club sitting on the actual putting surface makes PuttPlate the most complete putting training aid ever designed.

Assisted Learning Drills

In the video series of drills below, PGA professional Ben Frost helps you to maximise your self-learning potential. More instructional videos can be found on our YouTube channel: FatPlate Golf


Visit our Lessons page if you’re interested in expert one-to-one or group tuition from PGA professional & FatPlate’s Head of Product Development and Instruction Ben Frost. And if you can’t make it in person to our National Headquarters in the West Midlands (England), online lessons will soon also be available.

Alternatively, you can also book lessons with a PGA professional in the FatPlate Performance Studio at The National PGA Academy at The Belfry

PuttPlate Accessories

    150 Page Practice Record

    If you have used worked-through 10 weeks or sessions using the 24 page practice record supplied free with PuttPlate™ and want to continue to Practice Smarter™, then this 150 page handy scorecard sized practice record will allow you to continue to record your practice results throughout the season.

    24 x Flat Bottom Stub-Tees (for carpets/mats)

    If you’ve lost the specially manufactured flat-bottomed stub-tees that are supplied with PuttPlate™ then don’t worry as you can buy replacements here. This pack of 24 consists of 12 x 53mm (club path gate) & 12 x 23mm (start line gate) stub-tees.

    24 x PuttPlate 54mm Tees (for putting greens)

    Whilst PuttPlate allows you to use any standard wooden tee, if you’d rather use our premium printed 54mm wooden tees for your outdoor practice then you can purchase them here.


    What does MirrorBar™ do?

    Add feedback to your practice by placing MirrorBar™ on the putting surface in specific positions, and, at the appropriate angle.

    MirrorBar™ helps with many aspects of body & club alignment during setup and also helps to monitor and reduce any excessive or unwanted body movement during the actual putting stroke.

    MirrorBar™ can be used with FatPlate products* or on its own in isolation.

    See PuttPlate® page for more information & instructional videos.

    Note: *PuttPlate® & Mirror Insert sold separately unless purchased in bundle pack.

    150 Page Practice Record


    24 x Flat Bottom Stub-Tees (for carpets/mats)


    24 x PuttPlate 54mm Tees (for putting greens)


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What The Pros Say

The PuttPlate has more sources of feedback than any aid I've previously used for coaching. You can work on just one specific aspect of your technique or really test yourself with all of them at the same time!

Robert Rock
European Tour Professional & Coach


Quite simply, I love PuttPlate because it helps me with my stroke.

Amy Boulden
LGPA Tour Professional


"PuttPlate is most versatile putting device I’ve used. The tees can be positioned to allow for any type of stroke and for all of the drills, they can be positioned from wide to tight as your skill increases."

Matthew Gallery
Head PGA Coach at The Belfry Hotel & Resort


PuttPlate, Mirror Insert & MirrorBar tick every box that I need from a putting aid: ball position, shoulder alignment, take away line, strikeand start line, giving me the 5 fundamentals of hitting perfect putts.

Simon Dyson
Six Time European Tour Winner

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