FatPlate Shank


What does FatPlate Shank do?

Three drills. One FatPlate. No more Shanks! Developed with highly specialised PGA teaching professionals, FatPlate Shank brings together 3 anti-shank drills on a FatPlate:

  • Drill 1: Peg Strike
  • Drill 2: Toe Strike
  • Drill 3: Heel/Hosel Set-up Strike
  • Drill 4 (The Goal!) : Centred Strike between the tee-pegs*

*Encouraged by completion of drills 1, 2 & 3, the ultimate goal of FatPlate Shank is for you to be able to achieve a clean strike using a standard centred set up (ball in the centre of the club face) whilst swinging through & missing the tee pegs in position.

Who is FatPlate Shank for?

Everyone! FatPlate is widely used by teaching professionals at elite golf centres* worldwide as a consistent, effective and professional alternative to using bottles of water & head covers in their instruction.
Recreational golfers have been using FatPlate Shank to fix ‘el hosels’ at the range, practice area & even at home!


What The Pro's Say

FatPlate Shank has certainly made a big difference and allows me to deliver shank drills in a professional & effective looking manner without using waterbottles or headcovers!.

Gareth Shaw
Regional Manager for England Golf, PGA Professional & Golf Psychology Coach & BASES Accredited Sports Psychologist

FatPlate Shank review is available on my YouTube channel.

Ryan Metcalf
PGA Professional


I’ve tested lots of training aids & unfortunately most get used once then placed on the shelf. However, with the FatPlate it’s a product that I carry and use on a continued basis, it provides fantastic feedback for improvement and fault rectification. It’s the most versatile training aid on the market that not only offers the use for all clubs in the bag but can also be used in all areas of live; Driving range, practice area, garden, office (the list goes on). No need to look any further FATPLATE provides it all!

William Murfitt
Equipment Editor Golfhacker Magazine

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What the launch monitor says...

Extensive testing with an industry leading launch monitor was carried out during during development of the FatPlate range to ensure that appropriate attack angles were achievable.