* Ball & club for illustrative purposes only & not included.

FatPlate Sand

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  • Comes with 24 page Assisted Learning Training Guide & Practice Record.
  • Offers stance & club face set-up guidance.

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What does FatPlate Sand do?

By offering stance and club face position & set-up direction, FatPlate Sand gives you the guidance and confidence to play a variety of bunker shots!
No more drawing lines in the sand behind the ball! FatPlate Sand’s sturdy, toughened polycarbonate gives fantastic auditory feedback when struck, making it the ideal practice tool to help you repeatedly hit the sand from 1 up to 4 inches behind the ball.

Who is FatPlate Sand for?

Everyone! FatPlate Sand is used by tour pros, teaching pros and recreational golfers of all abilities.
Tip: When using FatPlate Sand for the first time high handicap golfers / inconsistent ball strikers in particular should learn & understand their swing/strike pattern by striking the ball from the number 1 (most forward ball position) Once a strike pattern has been established & skill level increased, the ball can then be placed further back (on numbers 2 & 3) as a progression of difficulty. You can then even progress to the advanced users level.
Whilst the instructions described honour our beliefs, this direction acts merely as guidance & is discretionary to any teaching professional’s absolute opinion. (Why not give it a go though!)
As with all FatPlates, FatPlate Sand has ultimately been designed purely with ‘impact’ in mind so feel free to adapt the variables of stance & set-up based upon your own personal ideology.


  1. As I’d probably hit the FatPlate Sand with my first 100 attempts, how will my clubs fare bouncing off of the FatPlate?

Should you hit the body of the FatPlate Sand your club will simply bounce through to impact without causing damage to the club nor FatPlate. However, with FatPlate Sand’s starting position offering a 4 inch margin for error and Assisted Learning training booklet and accompanying video series, we’re confident that you’ll be consistently hitting the sand within the strike-zone in no time at all.

  1. Can I use FatPlate Sand in all weather conditions?

Yes. But when not in use FatPlate Sand must be stored indoors in order to provide normal device function & effective application.

  1. I struggle with plugged bunker shots, will FatPlate Sand help?

Yes. Our Assisted Learning training guide & practice recordand accompanying video series ensure that you use your new FatPlate Sand training aid in the most effective way possible, but also to give you enough knowledge and practical practice drills to help you master ALL bunker shots.

Assisted Learning Drills

In the video series of drills below, PGA professional Ben Frost helps you to maximise your self-learning potential. More instructional videos can be found on our YouTube channel: FatPlate Golf


Visit our Lessons page if you’re interested in expert one-to-one or group tuition from PGA professional & FatPlate’s Head of Product Development and Instruction Ben Frost. And if you can’t make it in person to our National Headquarters in the West Midlands (England), online lessons will soon also be available.

Alternatively, you can also book lessons with a PGA professional in the FatPlate Performance Studio at The National PGA Academy at The Belfry

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