FatPlate Lite Pro (Tour)


25 Free Strikestrips

What is FatPlate Lite Pro (Tour)?

The ultra-slim 1.5mm thick FatPlate Lite Pro Tour is a perfect companion for a touring professional’s pre-tournament routines. Not only does it encourage you to bring your strike-point closer to the ball, giving you that crucial ‘ball then turf’ descending strike, but it also gives you instant path, length & depth feedback of your divots.
The 2018 FatPlate Lite Pro (Tour) range is available in three fantastic colours: Fairway Green: has a grass effect surface pattern has been designed to be sympathetic to its environment. The additional white keyline around the strike-zone draws focus and gives just enough for you to bring your strike-point closer to the ball.
The most natural Lite-Viz: this range was developed together with tour pros who wanted a little extra visual encouragement in order to get ‘into the back of the ball’. The gradient on the FatPlate Lite Pro-Viz models is designed to draw the eye toward the strike-zone. What’s your flava?

Who is FatPlate Lite Pro (Tour) for?

Touring professionals. FatPlate Lite Pro (Tour) is has been designed for touring professionals where weight is a precious commodity (for air travel). (Where luggage weight is not a consideration we recommend FatPlate Lite.)
FatPlate Lite Pro is NOT suitable for mid-high handicap golfers / inconsistent ball strikers.


Do you need StrikeStrips?

In addition to the auditory response given by the new FatPlate Lite, if the low point of your swing is behind the ball, StrikeStrips™ give precise visual feedback of both path & strike point. But remember, you're not supposed to mark them. Keep it clean!

*Due to local Customs, rolls of 250 StrikeStrips currently only ship within the UK. Non-UK customers please purchase StrikeStrip packs (of 100). Please see FAQs for further information.

What The Pro's Say

I mostly don’t want technical thoughts, just feels and feedback. FatPlate allows me to work with exactly that.

Simon Dyson
Six time European Tour Winner


FatPlate (Lite) has been an invaluable tool for working on ‘strike’ in both my teaching and personal practice.

Robert Rock
European Tour Professional & Coach


I’ve been using FatPlate for over 12 months now and it’s simply the best practice tool out there. Improves ball striking no end!

Jon Bromley
Touring Professional

Used my Fatplate for my first practice session in a long time and couldn't be happier with the results and my ball striking! My divots and patterns have never been better! Amazed with the results!

Anthony Pagliano
Leadbetter Golf Academy World Head Quarters

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What the launch monitor says...

The ball position markings on FatPlate Lite Pro allow for an approximate angle of attack that range between 0 at number 1 to -6 at number 4. These figures given are dependent on swing speed and the club being used.